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Bee Dandylion
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Our Mission
We are committed to providing clear and valuable information and awareness to individuals who are concerned about the survival of the Pollinators.

Our primary focus is to energize a worldwide network of bee caring individuals who will work
to improve bee ecology, fight pesticide abuse and help sustain healthy bee populations.

While it is apparent that an evolution in beekeeping needs to emerge, it is imperative that a bee-caring Guardianship is immediately put into place as we face this moment of instability of the planets' biosphere.

Thank you for being part of the solution and for being a part of a growing community Bee Guardians


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Honeycomb cells
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Apple blossoms

Edward O. Wilson on Colony Collapse Disorder
"It's a bad thing when any species is at risk," Wilson said of [Honey Bees]. 
"But in a sense it's the Katrina of entomology." It has brought a public awareness to
the plight of pollinators, which Wilson calls "the heart of the biosphere."

The Washington Post, June 30, 2007



Drawing by The Bee Guardian
Image of a Top Bar Hive

Bee Guardians Caring for the Bees

We have demonstrated over the past five years that with a simpler and more natural hive design and with good instructive material that almost anyone can successfully care for bees.

We have helped to introduce alternative hives and sustainable beekeeping methods in the US and other countries, in order to raise awareness of the honey bees survival and to help create Bee Guardian community networks. Our concerns and voices have the right to be heard.

The Bee Guardian is committed to the nature of the bee, allowing the bees to maintain a strong immune system through organic practices and methods that do not overly stress the colonies. In this way our local strains will begin a process of natural selection, building up immunity against diseases and adapting to changes in local climate. The bees will have a consistent home and environment enabling them to reestablish genetic diversity by reallocating fitness resources toward adaptive evolution.

The website we maintain offers information on
how Bee Guardians can get started maintaining a healthy bee colony.
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